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A win-win-win gift for bees, elephants and people!

Nikela.org help people save wildlife.  Back in 2009, Margrit and Russ fell into helping people protecting and preserving endangered African wildlife. They found that helping people help save wildlife with smaller charitable donations could make a huge difference for endangered species and not-so endangered animals.  With the help of supporters and donors around the world, they've given over $40,000 to 22 projects in 8 countries in Africa, all protecting and preserving endangered African wildlife. 

They have a number of different projects you can support, and here's an idea for anyone who wants bees, elephants and people at the same time.  Sponsor a beehive in Africa with Nikela.org!  What’s more, for a limited time you can put your loved one’s name on it!

Sponsor a Beehive with Nikela.org

With one action, you can achieve three things! 

  1. Sponsor a beehive
  2. Save an elephant
  3. Save a farmer

Take that action and sponsor a beehive here - all for $36!

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One of the big problems for farmers in Africa is that elephants and humans come into conflict with each other. 

The humans are busy growing crops for themselves.

The elephants trample over the crops and destroy them and then the humans have nothing to eat.

The question was, how to resolve this problem.

And then it was discovered that elephants are afraid of bees. 

So the idea came about that if you had a fence of bee hives around the crops, the elephants wouldn’t dare cross the beehive fence and then they would leave the crops at home.

The beehives are succeedig in keeping the elephants off the farmers' crops

Moses at Nikela.org got to work and set up bee hives - 56 so far. 

So far, the 56 beehives that are up so far are doing their job! Elephants haven’t invaded the crops area for months.   The farmers are enjoying the honey.  And the elephants are kept safer because they aren’t coming into conflict with people.

The project means that conflict between elephants and wildlife is avoided so the elephants are safer
The project means that conflict between elephants and wildlife is avoided so the elephants are safer

There are still another 36 beehives to put up and you can sponsor one for $36.00.  

I think this is a great gift idea which has a great win-win-win for bees, elephants and farmers.

It’s also easy to sort out online, and it’s a gift that won’t go to waste.  It’s also a bit of a different gift, perfect for anyone who cares about nature, wildlife and people.

Sponsor a beehive here

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