Travel Mugs


Say “Travel Mugs” now and you may find yourself thinking of travel mugs which enable you to have a drink on the go, be it water to refresh you or tea or coffee to revive you.

There are a huge number of these available in all sorts of themes – and you can even personalise some of them to make your gift extra – well, personal!

It’s always lovely to have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, but it’s even nicer when you’re drinking it from a mug which reminds you of a special memory.

 This London mug is from the Emma Bridgewater's Cities of Dreams mug collection  

Emma Bridgewater Cities of Dreams Collection

Emma Bridgewater also has a smaller range – the Cities of Dreams collection – featuring some cities at night as well as in the day, such as London and New York.  All the pottery is made from cream-coloured earthenware in Stoke-on-Trent – the home of British pottery!

Browse and shop the Cities of Dreams Collection from Emma Bridgewater

This is Sydney, from the Villeroy & Boch collection, Cities of the World.

Sydney, Barcelona, Rome, London, Helsinki, Prague, Dubai, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Vienna, Istanbul, Mexico, Berlin, Copenhagen, Porto, Stockholm, Marseille, Brussels, Iceland, Finland, Bordeaux are just SOME of the places Viceroy & Boch have done mugs for.   

Click here to see the mugs in the Villeroy & Boch Cities of the World Collection

This is Sydney, from the Villeroy & Boch collection, Cities of the World
This is the Netherlands, from the Starbucks collection

This is the Netherlands, from the Starbucks collection.

Starbucks have quite a range of mugs you can buy off Amazon, if you’re a Starbucks fan. 

Some of their mugs feature a country, such as the Netherlands, whilst others focus on a city, e.g. Amsterdam.  They cover quite a few of the small places – in the case of the Netherlands, for instance, they have mugs for Utrecht (which I went to for a short break and highly recommend, by the way).  You can also get gift sets with 2 mugs, one for the country e.g. Scotland and the other for a city, in this case Edinburgh. 

Go to Amazon to see the Starbucks You Are Here Mugs

English Heritage have some great mugs representing various properties and places in their care.   They're great for people who love travel and history!

The one pictured is called Hadrians' Wall Tall Facts Mug, and there are plenty of others in the mug range - Stonehenge, Dover Castle, Pendennis Castle, Whitby Abbey, Abbey Garden, Tintagel, Osborne, Down House - I'm not even covering half of them, so you can see all the mugs from English Heritage here.

Also, the mug range includes travel coffee mugs for people on the go. 

Visit the English Heritage Shop (it's online).

This is a Hadrians' Wall Facts Mug from English Heritage
The National Trust has a whole range of mugs for various regions

The National Trust Shop has a range of mugs covering various regions in England and Wales - this one is of the Lake District.

But there are mugs for places like Dorset, the Cotswolds, London, the Isle of Wight and Hampshire, Yorkshire, East Anglia, Northern Ireland, Somerset, Wiltshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Wales, Northumberland, the Chilterns, Devon and Cornwall so if your loved one has a particular place which is very close to their heart in any of these places, you should find a mug for them!

Visit the National Trust Shop here 

You can also give someone a personalised mug of a trip you’ve made together, or a memory you share.  You can easily upload a photo and some companies give you the chance to write a very brief caption on the mug as well.  Allow plenty of time for these – but they make great gifts!  This also means that if there’s a special moment you shared or an activity you did, or a particular place you visited, which holds a very special place in your heart and memory, you can put it onto a mug. enable you to make a personalised travel mug - click here to see for yourself!