About Giving Gifts


Giving Gifts can be really hard, especially when it comes to choosing the person who has everything.  So this site has a collection of ideas for those of you who love to give a gift which in many cases is meaningful as well.

Giving Gifts is part of the of a number of sites called Animal Human Wellbeing created to help all of us - animals and people - live happier and healthier lives and to connect with the natural world. 
As well as Giving Gifts, you'll find...
Animals Charities - a directory of animals charities focusing on pets, countryside animals, marine life, wildlife & working animals;
Gift Membership - ideas of gift memberships you can give loved ones, for nature lovers, art lovers, food lovers, & more.  Gift ideas for children, too
Get Active with Animals - put some animal magic into your life - days out, travel breaks, animal activities for fun e.g. llama walking, horse riding; volunteering
Animal Human Wellbeing / Take Action for Wildlife Conservation - which gives ideas of how we can make a difference
There are quite a few companies and charities whose products & experiences are listed on my sites.  For quite a few of them, I will receive a commission if you buy from them.  This helps go towards my work in trying to develop my websites to promote the animal-human bond and help the animal kingdom.  I have brought from many of these companies and charities myself and have enjoyed good customer service from them and enjoyed the products and experiences I've had through them, otherwise I wouldn't list them.
If you want to contact me, here's how to do it!  And thank you for coming to visit Giving-Gifts.co.uk.