15 Gift ideas for garden lovers


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15 gift ideas for garden lovers

Here are some gift ideas of presents for garden lovers – just the thing for people who enjoy gardening or strolling round gardens, or like adding to their gardens (or even bringing nature into their homes).   Some of these ideas will increase their knowledge and understanding of gardens and wildlife, whilst others will bring the outside indoors!

1. Give a gift membership for a garden lover.

There are a number of gift memberships for gardening charities such as the  RHS Gift Membership.  The RHS is passionate about gardening and giving people access to gardening and gardens, even if they don’t have a garden. Members receive The Garden magazine every month (worth £4.95) and they can get personalised gardening advice on the phone or online, and discounted show tickets.  There's also free entry for members to the stunning RHS gardens:  Wisley, Rosemoor, Hyde Hall, Harlow Carr and Bridgewater!  And you can explore over 200 RHS Partner Gardens across the UK and overseas for free during selected periods. 

 Give a gift membership to the RHS here

Give an RHS Gift Membership here.  

You may prefer something with less emphasis on gardens, which would give them plenty of access to beautiful countryside and historic houses as well.  A gift membership to the  National Trust may be just the thing – it looks after over 200 gardens in England and Wales (there's a National Trust for Scotland too) giving you the chance to enjoy strolling round, to be inspired and to gather ideas for your own gardens!  There are all sorts of events going on all year as well.  Head to the National Trust here.

There are more gift membership for garden lovers here.

2. Give a gardening magazine subscription!

There are some great gardening magazines around now covering all sorts of interests.  Lots of people want to start growing their own fruit and vegetables so you could look at Kitchen Garden.  Garden magazines have great advice and information about gardens, such as how to make the most of your garden.   There's magazines on Grow Your Own, garden design, the countryside, the English garden and modern gardens, as well as vineyards. Some have a special focus on grow your own, others on design - there's plenty to choose from.  Pocketmags have some great digital garden magazine subscriptions

How about a digital subscription to a gardening magazine?
View the range of garden magazine subscriptions at Pocketmags here


3.  Send a tree or a bush! 

Tree2mydoor.com is a green gift company which sends out a range of trees as gifts, from native Oak Trees to Bay Trees and Lemon Trees.  You can search out a suitable tree with their helpful Find a Tree by location e.g. balcony, patio, large garden, conservatory etc.  Your loved one can have the experience of watching your tree grow over the years and, if you choose a fruit tree, they can enjoy the fruit as well! 

This beautiful Coral 35th Anniversary Rose Bush Gift is just gorgeous!
This beautiful Coral 35th Anniversary Rose Bush Gift is just gorgeous!
from Tree2mydoor.com

 Visit Tree2mydoor.com here.  You could also send a voucher so that they can choose something for themselves.

4. Give a recycled gift!


Natural Collection have this Woven Recycled Newspaper Bird House for £17.95.   The colours may vary because of its recycled nature.  It's handmade in Bangladesh from recycled newspaper on a wire frame and it has a loop to hang it up with.   It's recommended that the bird house is put in a sheltered area and brought indoors or in a shed or garage during winter  

This Woven Recycled Newspaper Bird House is from Natural Colection

5.   Give a mug with a garden theme

Emma Bridgewater has lots of products relating to gardens, flowers, plants and birds to choose from

In the Garden Half Pint Mug from Emma Bridgewater

This mug would make a wonderful present for anyone who just adores spending time in their garden, working away and feeling all the joys and benefits that gardening can bring without really thinking about it.  It's not a garden experience, but it is something your loved one can enjoy a brew in as they garden or after they have finished whilst they are admiring the fruits of their labour!  My Garden Is My Happiness 1/2 Pint Mug was hand-made and hand decorated in Stoke on Trent, England.  

Emma Bridgewater has lots more mugs with a garden and birdlife theme to choose from, as well as vegetable themes.  I gave my mother a very pretty sweet pea one and she puts flowers into it - they look lovely as decoration in the room. Visit Emma Bridgewater here to see her mugs with a flower theme - and her gifts for gardeneners are here

6.  Grow herbs at home!

These are easy to grow so that you can pick and choose when you want. It’s really satisfying to grow your own and taste your own – plus it could save on a lot of plastic bag packaging, which is better for all of us.

You could give your loved one a Chalk Board Herb Gift Set
You could give your loved one a Chalk Board Herb Gift Set
It's ideal for placing on a window ledge or in a small kitchen.
For £19.99


7. Give a voucher to spend

You could give them a garden voucher so that they can pick something to buy for their garden, either from a garden centre or online.  One of the great things about a lot of vouchers (T&Cs vary, of course) is that you don’t have to necessarily need to spend it all at once – and this means you can treat yourself on a sort of drip feed basis during the year, as the seasons change. Tree2mydoor.com have gift vouchers from £15.00 (they do plants as well).  And if you’re looking for a voucher who loves wildlife and garden birds, take a look at Garden Wildlife Direct – they have everything you could want for garden life and lots of tremendous offers all the time, which will help make a voucher go even further.  Foyles also have gift vouchers, giving the recipient even greater genres of books to choose from.


8.  What about a day out or a garden experience?

You could give them a visit to a particular garden, often combined with Afternoon Tea (Virgin Experience Days has a number of these at Kew Gardens where you can give them a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, plus Afternoon Tea – you can even add a glass of prosecco.)  There’s a list of ideas for garden experiences here.


9,  Care for hard-working hands

You could also give them a gift for those hard-working hands such as hand cream and a nail brush.  There are some lovely garden gifts for hands.  Some come as a hamper, too.  The RSPB has a number of ethical toilettries and gifts, including this RSPB Revive hand care gift set which includes two 100ml bottles - one hand cream, one hand wash, presented in a gift box.

This Revive hand care gift set is available through the RSPB Shop


10:  Give a pop up card – it’s almost a present on its own!

What about giving them a Lavender Pop Up Card

How about this Lavender Pop Up card?

This is available from family company Cardology who handmake 3D cards!  They produce some amazing design and have a number of different pop up cards in their Botanical section.  It's almost a gift on its own!  This one is blank so you can use it for any occasion. Give your loved one a surprise when they open the card!   Visit Cardology here. 

11.  Gifts with a garden theme

There are a huge number of these such as garden notecards, jigsaws (the RSPB has some lovely wildlife & bird jigsaws), statues, ornaments, solar lighting and so on.

How about a water feature
which will help wildlife as well?
This is available from Garden Wildlife Direct

12.  In need of a new hobby?

How about birdwatching?  There’s nothing like helping our feathered friends and wildlife and then seeing them come to visit. Mind you, some come at night, when we’re all asleep but that’s when you can get a wildlife camera to spot who’s been to visit!   The RPSB’s Big Garden Birdwatch takes place at the end of January every year, in the last weekend, and they have a Birdwatch kit.  Make a hot brew, stop the world for an hour to watch the birds and then report your findings to the RSPB.  Simple! You really will help nature.  They’ve also got books and stationery, so you could give them a book on bird identification or something to help them attract wildlife to their garden, and binoculars for bird watching!

Binoculars from the RSPB Shop start at £27.00 for children.  These Puffin Binoculars start at £65.00
Binoculars from the RSPB Shop start at £27.00 for children. 
These Puffin Binoculars for adults and older children start at £65.00


 13.  Give a Grow your own Terrarium gift

What about a Grow Your Own Terrarium Plants gift?
What about a Grow Your Own Terrarium Plants gift?

Into the Blue has a Grow Your Own Terrarium Plants gift for £15.99.  The kits have all you need to grow the contents of your own terrarium, and they come complete with succulent and cactus seeds.  Get gardening indoors!


14.   How about Garden Tools to help in the garden?

The National Trust Shop has a lovely wooden garden flower trug for £26.00.   You can use it to pick flowers as you can hold the wide handles in the crook of your arm, so that your hands are free to get picking!  The trug is made from FSC certified wood.

This Wooden Garden Flower Trug is available from the National Trust Shop


15.  What about a Beekeeping experience?

If your loved one has ever thought about keeping bees or wanted to just simply find out more about it, there are a number of bee-keeping experiences around the country giving you the chance to discover what it's all about.  From Devon to Suffolk, and Lancashire to Sussex, there are a number to choose from through Into the Blue. They start at £29.00 with a Bee Lovers Home Hamper.  

Take a look at the Beekeeping Courses and Experiences available through Into the Blue 
Take a look at the Beekeeping Courses and Experiences
available through Into the Blue