Afternoon Tea




It’s Afternoon Tea Week from 7th to 13th August 2023, and what a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joys that an Afternoon Tea can bring us all!

Conserving the British tradition of Afternoon Tea!

The tradition of Afternoon Tea is an old one – and we have a lady called the Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Russell, and her stomach, to thank for it, according to Twinnings Teashop.  Around 1840, as the evening meal was getting later and later into the evening, the Duchess started to complain of that “sinking” feeling she was getting in the late afternoon.  It was a long time between lunch at midday and dinner at 9pm.  So the Duchess asked for some tea, bread, butter and cake to be brought to her room in the late afternoon – and so an afternoon ritual was born although it was small afternoon tea to start with.  The custom soon spread.  I must say, there’s nothing like a cup of tea and a piece of cake at 4pm for me – I really look forward to it, so thank you Duchess!   You can find out more about how the ritual changed over the years at Twinnings

Never mind the lashings of tea (or coffee) and all the goodies to tuck into – Afternoon Tea is a very relaxing and enjoyable way to enjoy the company of someone you care about and love – a family member or a good friend.   It’s a great way to put the world to rights, catch up with each other’s doings and news, and to share the occasional silent moment whilst you drink in your surroundings and watch others tuck in as well.

5 different Afternoon Tea gift ideas

1.   Afternoon Tea Hampers

Virginia Hayward Hampers have a lovely range of Sweet Hampers, themed with Cake Hampers, Afternoon Tea Hampers and Chocolate Hampers.  Or of course you could go for Twinnings (I love their Earl Grey, perfect in a bone china mug as a way to start the day).   Or you could send them different tea gifts with different teas to have.  You don’t have to actually give them tea – you could give them something for tea-making and drinking, such as a very pretty cup and saucer or a mug. 

This Wellbeing Collection Gift Box is available from Twinnings
This Wellbeing Collection Gift Box is available from Twinnings Teashop 
and it has Twinnings' favourite wellbeing blends, including Sleep, Defence and Detox! 
It also includes two 2 beautiful china mugs!

2.   Invite someone to Afternoon Tea at home

Create your own Afternoon Tea and invite someone round to share it with you!  You could split the work, and decide who is going to make what.  Twinnings have lots of receipes you could drink in and see what you fancy having a go at.

3.   An Afternoon Tea Cooking Class

This could be a great gift for people who like to try out new things, especially in the kitchen.  You could try a Tea Blending class, too such as the Tea Blending Workshop for Two with Bird and Blend Tea Co, available through BuyaGift.   And Into the Blue have a Make your Own Afternoon Tea opportunity.  

 Find out about this Tea Blending Workshop for Two with Bird and Blend Tea Co
Find out about this Tea Blending Workshop for Two with Bird and Blend Tea Co
For £80.00 from BuyaGift
(Get a 10% discount with BuyaGift with our exclusive code AHW2024BAG!
It's site wide, including special offers, and it's valid until 31 Dec 2024.
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Personally, I’m rather lazy in the kitchen and would prefer to have someone else cook for me…!!

4.   Have Afternoon Tea out somewhere

There are a huge range of opportunities to have Afternoon Tea out and many give you the chance to enjoy some really rather special surroundings and to visit places you wouldn’t ordinarily go.  Plus it means someone else does all the work – the food prep, the cooking, the shopping and the washing up… Nor do these need to be expensive. 

 Give them an Afternoon Tea Experience Box


Give them an Afternoon Tea Experience Box available from BuyaGift
and give them a huge choice of Afternoon Tea at hundreds of venues!
 For £34.99

Tuck into Afternoon Tea and Do Something Else As Well

There are lots of themed Afternoon Teas, and you can combine many of them with an activity or the chance to explore somewhere.   

Activity Superstore have a wide range of Quirky Afternoon Teas, including one on a luxury yacht at the Royal Docks, London!

Activity Superstore have what they call Quirky Afternoon Teas from £34,
with everything from Afternoon Tea on a luxury yacht in London at the Royal Docks.

Don’t forget to watch out for special offers – although you should also check how long vouchers are valid for.

Where do have your Afternoon Tea?

There are Afternoon Teas on buses, steam trains, river cruises, horse & carriage, canals and boats of various descriptions such as a vintage yacht so that you can watch the world go by as you tuck in.  

But you can also use your own steam, as it were, and take yourself off on tours of gardens, or go on llama treks or walks with an alpaca through countryside, breathing in different sights and scents and working off all those lovely calories you’ve just indulged in or are about to indulge in!   

How luxurious do you want to be?

Some Afternoon Teas include a glass of Champagne or Prosecco or Gin, so you can indulge in a little tipple at the same time as gorging on Afternoon Tea delights!  Virgin Experience Days has them all, and they also list vegan teas and vegetarian teas. So yes, you can have a Champagne Afternoon Tea which pushes the boat out, but you can also enjoy a afternoon tea for two which usually includes tea or coffee, plus sandwiches and cakes (this varies from experience to experience).  You could also look at a cream tea for two, as well - this normally includes something like tea or coffee and a scone, with jam and cream, and does not include sandwiches and cakes like an Afternoon Tea does but of course this varies. 

 What about a Free-Flowing Prosecco Afternoon Tea for Two at James Martin Manchester?
What about a Free-Flowing Prosecco Afternoon Tea for Two at James Martin Manchester?

 Or how about a Fortnum & Mason Champagne Afternoon Tea for Two in The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon?
Virgin Experience Days have a great offer on 
Fortnum & Mason Champagne Afternoon Tea for Two in The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon 
This experience was £172.50 and it's currently £120.00

 5.  For Emma Bridgewater fans, what about an experience there?

There are a number of experiences and options that Emma Bridgewater offer and they include Afternoon Tea but also an Afternoon Tea Experience Day.  They also have a Baby Print Experience, too! New experiences include a Christmas Wreath Making Workshop and also a Harvest Supper and Crafting Evening. 

For Emma Bridgewater fans, how about an Emma Bridgewater Afternoon Tea or Afternoon Tea Experience Day?

With the Experience Day, you can find out what it's like behind the scenes and learn about Emma Bridgewater's traditional pottery production method. You can also see their specialist decorating technique before you have a session in the decorating studio to design your own masterpiece of Emma Bridgewater pottery - at the time of writing this was a ½pint mug or an 8” plate.  Then you can indulge in Afternoon Tea (inc. vegan and vegetarian options) served on Emma Bridgewater pottery - what else?! - in the café.   Find out more here.