Personalised gifts

Reminders of the family remind them of what they are a part of, and reinforce a sense of belonging, connecting, all important for wellbeing & happiness.  These can make particularly good presents, especially for Mums, as reminders of what they've created and brought into being, what they've nurtured and cared for, and watched over all these years.

Of course every family has its moments - we're all human.  But most of us have many happy memories, too, so it's always nice to give your loved one a chance to reflect on those moments, whether they happen over the course of a year, a few months, a holiday or party.

Here are some ideas for helping friends & family recapture those special moments....
Virgin Experience Days list a variety of photoshoots including one for engaged couples!

How about giving a photoshoot as a gift? 

Virgin Exprience Days list a whole range of photoshoots which give you lots of choice, depending on the people you're buying the gift for.  There's photoshoots for pets, for engaged couples, for mums and daughters, mums to be, that first year, father and child - even a bespoke outdoor photoshoot for dogs.  

Check to see how many photos are actually included - there is usually the option to buy more - but this could be a fun experience to capture a family moment. Click here to see the full range of photoshoots

Very personal memories
Collect your snaps of those special moments and present them to friends & family in photo albums.  Perhaps you went on a trip together last year, or did something different, or you just want to record their life in a sort of This is your life book.  Just capture those special moments and put them in a book. 
"This is your life" Book...
This is a great i
dea for those really special birthdays - the big ones - the 50s, 60s, 70s & so on.  They can't be done too often, but you can get all those people who've featured in the recipient's life to contribute...More

Retro sweets
Why not take your loved one down memory lane with some retro, old fashioned sweets, the sort they'd have bought in a sweet shop when they were very youngl?  Find out by careful questioning what their favourites were and then head for A Quarter of where you'll should be able to buy them.

Let them delve into the family history
Family trees give us all a sense of belonging.  We can understand a lot more about who we are, where we came from, what coloured our early years and our upbringing, the struggles our parents had and how they strived to overcome those, or how they were affected in other ways. More...
Something which means something to both of you 
This may sound a bit daft, but a few year's ago, I gave my mother a Jemima Puddle Duck from the Beatrix Potter stories.  She used to read them out to me when I was a very tiny child and she continually used to remind me of how I used to giggle & gurgle my way through the stories as a toddler.
Giving Mum the toy Jemima Puddle Duck was a way for us to recapture those memories, and this duck has now been with Mum for many years, decorating a table in her bedroom.  The National Trust Online Shop sells a delightful range of Beatrix Potter gifts - click here to visit their website.