Palm Oil Free - gifts to help the planet that you really can enjoy without feeling guilty! Palm oil free chocolate, palm oil free soap, palm oil free toiletries


"Take care of the earth and she will take care of you."
Author Unknown


If you're looking for a gift for someone who cares about the planet, then these gifts could be just the thing, especially if you're looking for something small, perhaps as a little thank you

They give the recipient a little treat - which doesn't destroy the home of the Sumatran tiger or the orangutan, because they don't contain palm oil.   The rainforest is being destroyed rapidly by our desire for products with palm oil in them - and rainforests are home to these wonderful but sadly endangered species.  As well as giving the recipient a little treat, they give them the chance perhaps to try something new that they may not have heard of or tried before. 

Click here to see the Ethical Consumer's Palm Oil Guide

Which everyday products contain palm oil and what can you do about it? (WWF)

This Soap Milk from the National Trust is palm oil free

The National Trust's shop has different Soap Folk milks - there's Lavender and Oakmilk Soap, Goats Milk and Honey Wrapped Soap and Rose and Geranium Wrapped Soap.  They are all beautifully wrapped, great for anyone who loves soap.  For £6.00 each.  

(There's also a Lavender Eye Pillow for £16.00, to relieve tired eyes, relax and enjoy restful sleep...zzzz....)

For orangutan lovers... For orangutan lovers...Swing over to the Orangutan Foundation.  You can buy palm oil free soap online and help orangutans at the same time!  These are Scent Trail Shea Butter Soap and there are currently three scents to choose from.  I treated my aunt to the lavender and Patchouli one, but there's also Geranium and also Orange and Pettigrain.  I treated myself to the lavender one and I just love the scent!  For £4.00 from the Orangutan Foundation.   (You could also adopt an orangutan as well!)
This is the Divine Chocolate 12 Bar Tasting Set This is the Divine Chocolate 12 Bar Tasting Set.  It has 12 bars of delicious Fairtrade certified chocolate in six flavours.  There are smooth milks, rich dark and creamy white chocolate flavoured bars.  The box opens like a book - offering tasting notes and guides, and information about the Divine story.  For £7.50 from Natural Collection
Take a look at this RSPB Revive hand care gift set The RSPB Online Shop has some lovely toilettries, including this Take a look at this RSPB Revive hand care gift set.  It contains two 100ml bottles - one hand cream and one hand wash, and they are presented in a gift box.  Revive is made in the beautiful county of Cornwall, and inspired by the wonderful calming and restorative power of the sea.  £13.99 from the RSPB - help nature as you shop!  Fly off to the RSPB Shop to see the gifts in their palm-oil free section 
How about some Booja Booja chocolates?

How about some Booja Booja chocolates?

These are the Booja Booja award winning vegan truffle selection!   They are made in the UK and they include 16 gorgeous truffles!  £10.49 from Natural Collection