Why Trees Matter and how they help us


Why do trees matter?

Trees are win-win gifts - everyone can benefit, animals and people!  Here are some ways in which trees can benefit us, both animals and people

  • Trees give shade from the sun & heat of the day
  • Trees provide food - fruit from fruit trees, lemons & oranges from the citrus - while animals eat leaves & some eat the bark of a tree
  • Trees shelter people & animals from bad weather - those heavy rainpours & windy days
  • They give us a sense of peace and serenity, grounding, connecting with nature, a feeling of contentment
  • They provide better air quality as they take in the more toxic gases
  • They produce oxygen for both animals and people to breathe
  • Trees reduce noise pollution
  • Trees provide homes to animals who nest in them
  • Trees offer a great place to socialise
  • Trees make long-lasting, environmentally friendly gifts
  • Trees provide a sense of continuity, always a comfort in times of change and upheaval
  • People get very fond of trees - they provide a gentle touch in today's frenzied living lifestyles

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Trees are essential to all our wellbeing