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    There's nothing like a teddy bear.  Even for adults.  You can just look at them and feel better about life, and they brighten up a room, too.  

    So I wanted to tell you that Hamleys have a very special offer on this bear:

    Introducing Bon Bon Bear!

    Introducing Bon Bon Bear from Hamleys
    So handsome, and cuddly!
    Thats Hamleys® Bon Bon Bear!


    The great news is that this delightful teddy bear is on offer - in fact, there's 70% off!  This means he can be yours - of course you couldn't bear to give him away to anyone else once you've got him - for the total of £18.00 (that's until 7th December 2023) instead of £60.00.  

    He's got the signature logo footbed, naturally, and a Hamleys® bow in traditional red, with gold trim and lettering.  And this teddy bear is just 14 cm tall when sitting.  

    Go to Hamleys website here to buy Bon Bon Bear!


    With all the talk of the weather and the run up to winter, how about giving the feathered friends and wildlife in your garden a gift so that they are well stocked themselves for the cold weather?

    This High Energy Autumn & Winter Mix is specially made for the autumn and winter months
    This High Energy Autumn & Winter Mix
    is specially made for the autumn and winter months

    Garden Wildlife Direct have really good value bird food and they do some great offers.  They've got everything you need for the birds and wildlife in your garden, from bird food, to bird baths, bird feeders, nests in which to rest, bird feeding starter kits, window feeders, window alerts to warn the birds there's a window there so they won't fly into it, water fountains and garden ornaments.

    They've also got a small range of books, gifts for the garden and storage bins and scoops.

    This is the Wildlife World Bempton Hanging Bird Table
    This is the Wildlife World Bempton Hanging Bird Table

    and there are bee houses, insect hotels, 
    food for ducks, swans, chickens and squirrels,
    as well as hedgehog food and shelters!
    Everything for the wildlife in your garden!

    This is the Gardman Hedgehog House
    This is the Gardman Hedgehog House for £16.99,
    to give hedgehogs a safe retreat.
    Don't forget that one of the best gifts you can give a hedgehog
    is a hole in your garden fence (13 cm diameter will do)
    so that they can make their way from one garden to another.

    They do some incredible offers to make sure our feathered friends and wildlife have everything they need.

    Fly away to Garden Wildlife Direct here.




    The CalendarClub have a HUGE range of wall calendars, desk calendars, diaries of all size, planners for one, for two, for the family and gifts too.   The calendars, diaries and planners cover all sorts of interests and passions from animals (of course!) to gardens, football to travel, the natural world and entertainment.  They have jigsaws, gifts, socks, stationery, books, jokes and novelty.  

    There's a sale of selected socks 3 for £12
    There's a sale of selected socks 3 for £12 at the moment
    with lots of interests catered for, including
    gardens, cats and dogs!

    Plus there are a number of calendars on offer

    Plus there are a number of calendars on offer
    including this Country Living one.
    Check the "SALE" page for more gift ideas.

    Take a look at the CalendarClub.co.uk and get ready for 2024!



    There's great news from two gift experience companies for you until the end of 2023 - they are both offering discount codes!

    This gives you a good chance to go and have a browse and take a look at what they've got.   

    Red Letter Days and BuyaGift have thousands of experiences, and they've even got some online experiences as well so that you can do something from home.  

    They have garden experiences and visits, flower arranging, animal experiences, days out, theatres, photography, arts and crafts - there's so much to choose from.

    If you're buying for someone who would love to be pampered, there are spa days and beauty treatments, or if they aren't really into that, they are lots of food and drink experiences.  As well as cookery workshops and courses for people who like to have a go at something new, if you're looking for a gift for someone who prefers to just sit and chill, there's lots of Afternoon Teas, meals out, and drink experiences, from wine and beer to gin and whisky.

    So how do you get your code?  Just use the codes below - they are valid until 31 December 2023 and are site wide, even covering special offers and 2 for 1s.  Some products are excluded from these codes.

    BuyaGift - 
    get 15% off
    Visit BuyaGift.co.uk here
     Red Letter Days
    - get 5% off
     RAHW2023 Visit Red Letter Days here 



    The Gift Experience has a lots of special offers on at the moment, some up to 60%!

    Plus, if you're looking for something for a garden and nature lover, they've got a number of products on offer for birds and wildlife!

    This ladybird house has 60% off
    This ladybird house has 60% off - it's now £9.59 instead of £23.99


    They've got offers on a bee house, a ladybird house, a Dewdrop Window Bird Feeder, an Igloo Hedgehog Home and a Bee barrel. 

    This Butterflies Conservation Gift Pack has 33% off
    This Butterflies Conservation Gift Pack has 33% off - 
    it's now £29.99 instead of £44.99

    This is the Dewdrop Window Bird Feeder
    This is the Dewdrop Window Bird Feeder, 
    on offer with 33% off, so it's £19.99 instead of £29.99

    But there’s lots of others besides, with all sorts of experiences including animal experiences, and escapes to get away from it all.  View them all there.