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  1. The RSPB has some lovely new gifts for the garden which may appeal to the garden lover in your life!

    And these gifts won't just be a gift for your loved one - they will help garden wildlife as well!  Birds, pond life and bees will enjoy them.

    This Nature Oasis bird bath and drinker will let garden birds take a refreshing drink - you need to fill it full of water first! - and have a dip.   

    This Nature Oasis bird bath & drinker is from the RSPB

    This Nature Oasis bird bath & drinker is from the RSPB for £18.99

    The nice thing about this bird bath is that it's got steps in it - so wildlife can easily climb out.  

    The bird bath is made from new sustainable material called Polyboo, a mix of 100% recycled plastic with natural bamboo fibres, which provide flexibility.  Polyboo comes with a frost-proof guarantee.   The birdbath is just under 30 cm in diameter, and 5.5 cm high.  Find out more here

    This is a Solitary bee home
    This is a Solitary bee home, £24.99

    The Solitary bee hive is designed for leafcutter and red mason bees.  It comes with removeable nesting trays, metal fastenings for secure siting and an overhanging roof to protect bees from the rain.  It's made in the UK from FSC ® certified pine.  Find out more


    The RSPB Shop also has new pond liner kit from £20.00 - we've just ordered a small one (2m x 2m) and I can't wait to dig the pond out!  The kit comes with a durable liner, recycled fleece underlay and an expert guide to creating the perfect wildlife pond! 


    Give your wildlife a pond liner kit - from 2m x 2m

    Give the wildlife in your garden a pond - 
    The RSPB has a new pond liner kit, from £20.00 

    A pond is one of the best things you can give wildlife - it will be a source of water for birds and mammals, and attract frogs, toads and newts who are drawn by the insects enjoying life in pond water.  Put your pond in a sunny spot and you may find dragonflies and damselflies visit too in summer!   Find out more about the pond liner kit here.


    For all you Alan Titchmarsh fans, and/or anyone who wants to grow their own fruit and veg, there's good news!

    Starting on Monday 25 May 2020, Alan Titchmarsh is doing a series called Grow Your Own at Home.

    Tomato plants from Suttons - grow your own and tuck in!

    Tomato plants from Suttons - grow your own and tuck in!

    He's had many messages from people starting to do this during lockdown and, helped by Mrs Titchmarsh, he's got some tips to help us along.  

    Plus the Love Your Garden team join in - David Domoney is expanding his own GYO section to provide food for his family all the year through.

    Top Quality Plants, Veg and Fruit from Suttons Seeds

    And don't despair if you have just a tiny garden or no garden at all - there are tips for you if you need to grow your own indoors!

    Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Vegetables and Herbs - e-book

    Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Vegetables and Herbs - e-book - from Hive.co.uk

    Get planting!  You don't need a lot of space - I've got a dwarf raspberry bush in a pot, a small peach tree in a pot, a blueberry bush in a pot - plus strawberries in two tiny pots.  I've also managed to grow chives, parsley and thyme in a vegetable trug which I treated myself to from Suttons.   The chives give an amazing burst of colour.   

    Hive.co.uk has a number of gardening books which would make great garden gifts!
    Hive.co.uk has a number of gardening books
    which would make great garden gifts!

  3. Tusk 2020 1/2 Pint Mug

    Those lovely folk at Emma Bridgewater are marking Tusk’s 30th Anniversary.  They’ve designed a special mug, with cheetahs, rhinos and lemurs – just some of the species that Tusk helps project.

    Emma Bridgewater will donate £5 to Tusk

    Emma Bridgewater will donate £5 to Tusk for every mug sold 

    And for every mug sold, Emma Bridgewater will donate £5 to help support Tusk’s work across Africa.

    About Tusk

    Tusk was established back in 1990 as a response to the poaching crisis of the previous decade.  This crisis pushed black rhino to the brink of extinction, whilst 100,000 elephants were killed each year.

    The charity has become a very effective force in African wildlife conservation – it is known for its targeted intervention.  Tusk understands that the interests of people AND wildlife are, in its words “inextricably inter-twined”.  Both must be served if achievements are to last.

    Today, Tusk gives greater protection for over 40 threatened species. Many of these are flagship species which Tusk promotes to help secure the landscapes in which they are living.  Protect the flagship species, and you benefit other wildlife too.  And local communities can benefit from their presence.

    Tusk focuses on three things:

    Habitat Protection: Its projects provide vital protection for over 10 million acres of land

    Human-Wildlife Co-existence – people and wildlife need to be able to live together

    Environment Education – to bring about long term change

    To do this, Tusk partners with the leading and emergency conservaitonists in Africa.  In so doing, it does the following:

    • It protects endangered species
    • It reduces human-wildlife conflict
    • It finds sustainable solutions to preserve critical habitats
    • It combats the global demand for illegal wildlife products.

    Through education and community support, it is shaping a future where the people of Africa can reconnect with nature and understand its value;  then they will protect it for future generations.

    Lose yourself in their projects to find out more.  Lions, lemurs, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, bongos, Grevy’s Zebra, sea turtles, painted dogs, okapi, chimpanzees, gorillas, and vultures are all some of the animals that Tusk projects are working to help – but of course, if you can help one species you help many more, especially if you are working to save habitat where hundreds of thousands of animals live.

    Visit Tusk's website here


  4. This Friday 8 May marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

    During the World War I and II, the RSPCA helped millions of animals serving alongside the British Commonwealth and Allied Forces.

    They were trying to reduce animal suffering and to give fast, humane treatment to animals who had to serve in the war – remember, they had no choice.

    Millions of animals served in war

    Millions of animals served in war

    Between August 1914 and December 1917, over 1,850,000 horses and mules were treated in veterinary hospitals.   80% of those treated were returned fit for duties. 

    Camels, bullocks, dogs and carrier pigeons also played a role.

    Many inspectors died as they tried to save animals in the wars.

    To this end, the RSPCA have a few products for you whilst you are staying at home during lockdown and these unbelievable times we are facing.

     The RSPCA has several nostalgia jigsaws, such as this one - the Battle of Britain

    The RSPCA has several nostalgia jigsaws, such as this one - the Battle of Britain

    They have more jigsaws than these, featuring feathered friends, cats and dogs, outdoor scenes – check-out their website.  Help animals with your buy!

    Also the next time you are in London, try to take time to visit the Animals in War Memorial on the edge of Hyde Park.  This was created in recognition of the role animals played during the conflicts of the twentieth century.  I have visited it, and I thought it was a very moving tribute. On the tribute wall, you will see the words "They had no choice".  It says it all.

    This VE Day, a heartfelt thank you to all those who served and who are serving today, people and animals, and your families.  Bless you all.


  5. Ordnance Survey are well known for their maps, but did you know that they have a range of outdoor garden games for all the family as well?

    Whether you’re into croquet, quoits, skittles, hopscotch, rounders, badminton, tug of war or French boules, they’ve got garden games for you.

    View the outdoor games from Ordnance Survey

    They’ve also got the horseshoe pitching game.  All hours of fun for all the family, starting at £9.99.

    Get the kids outside and get them active – perfect for the lockdown period and beyond!

    Have fun!

    Head to Ordnance Survey to see their range of outdoor games!