Adopt a giraffe


If you know a giraffe lover who has everything, and you're trying to think of a gift to give them this Christmas, then you could adopt a giraffe for them as a gift.  

Like so many other endangered species, giraffes are having a rough time of it - but your gift could be a winner for both giraffes and your loved one.  ZSL London & Whipsnade Zoos and Colchester Zoos both have giraffe adoption opportunities or you could help Bornfree save a family of rare Rothschild giraffes in Africa, and help move them from an area of conflict to safety.  Now there's a meaningful gift!

Adopt a Rothschild Giraffe from Chester Zoo Adopt a Rothschild Giraffe from Chester Zoo

The giraffes here are all registered on the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.  This oversees the breeding of zoo animals in different countries.  Chester Zoo is hoping that eventually they will have a full herd of pure-bred Rothschild giraffes at the zoo.  Click here to see the Giraffes webcam. There are just a few hundred of these beautiful animals left in the wild.  There are three different levels of adoption available for £45.00.  Stretch your neck out and head off to Chester Zoo

Help save giraffe in Africa

Help save giraffe in Africa

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is involvd in giraffe conservation initiatives in 15 African countries. It works towards conserving all four of these species in the wild, and has education and awareness programmes - it's really important to work with local people who live alongside the giraffe.  It has a number of different levels of adoption (in US dollars).  Find out more here

Adopt a giraffe from ZSL London Zoo

Adopt a giraffe from ZSL London Zoo or ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Reach out and help conservation by adopting a giraffe at ZSL London Zoo or Whipsnade Zoo.  This adoption is presented in a storybook style gift box.  It includes a certificate of adoption, an information booklet all about giraffe, a notebook, pencil, postcards, plus fun stickers, badges and bookmarks.  Plus you'll receive email updates about the giraffe at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoo, and their conservation projects in the wild.  A great gift for £20.00.  Click here to adopt a giraffe