Big Cat Gifts for big cat lovers

Big cats are the most majestic of animals.   Species of big cats include tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, snow leopards and cheetahs.  And there are some wonderful gift ideas for big cat lovers - here are just a few... 

Go on the prowl for big cat experiences at Red Letter Days

Big Cat Experience Days 
There are a number of Big Cat experiences you can treat a big cat lover to, through gift experience company Red Letter Days!   Feed a big cat by hand (there is a secure fence between you), be a big cat keeper for the day and find out what goes on behind the scenes in caring for these wonderful, majestic animals.   Experiences are available in Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Kent. Use the code AHW2021RED and get a roaring 15% off all experiences - the code is site side so applies to special offers as well and is valid until 31 March 2021! Visit Red Letter Days here

For tiger lovers and big cat fans, why not make a donation to this tiger appeal? For tiger lovers and big cat fans, why not make a donation to this tiger appeal? 

Tigers4Ever have an appeal through Global Giving and they want to provide extra patrols to help protect tigers in the Bandhargarh National Park.   Tigers and people there are going through a difficult time due to the coronavirus;  donations can really make a difference to protect tigers.  Find out more here.
Big Cats (Tigers) organic t-shirt from Kind Clothing This Big Cats (Tigers) Organic T-shirt is available from Kind Clothing.  There are different colours - black (seen here), white, Caribbean grey and blue.  Their clothing is made in the most humane, ethical and eco-friendly way possible with absolutely no animal testing.  And for every sale, they plant a tree!  Find out more
Help jaguars keep their home in Boden Creek, Belize

Help Fauna and Flora International buy Boden Creek

This is an amazing opportunity to really make a difference to species such as the jaguar, who lives in Boden Creek in Belize.  This is an amazing chance to increase your impact without any extra spending from you and to give a wildlife lover a truly meaningful gift!  Help animals such as the jaguar, the ocelot, and monkey, and hundreds of others.  Image left is ©FFI.   Find out more and donate here

Big Cat Wall Prints from the National History Museum

Big Cat Wall Prints from the National History Museum

The Natural History Museum has some amazing big cat wall prints available from its online shop.  Tigers, leopards, lynx, jaguars and lions all feature in the choice.   And you can choose a frame, the size of the print and the type of material the print is produced on e.g. photo paper, fine art paper or canvas.  Head off to the Natural History Museum here to look at the range of Big Cat Wall Prints. 

Big Cat Photography Experience

Big Cats Photography Experience

If you love big cats and photography, Virgin Experience Days has a Big Cats Photography experience for £129.00 either in Bedfordshire at Woburn Safari Park or Merseyside at Knowsley Safari Park.  Go to Woburn, and your photography session will take place around the reserves with special time allocated for the lion pride and Amur tigers. You will also see bears, wolves, rhino, antelope, giraffes and monkeys.  At Knowsley Safari Park, there's exclusive access to the lions and tigers then receive a safari drive and take part in the baboon feed.  Go on the prowl at Virgin Experience Days to buy this gift experience.   

Resting Jaguar~
Resting Jaguar Poster

 Running Cheetah Canvas Print
Running Cheetah Canvas Print


Big Cats [2018] [DVD] from Amazon

from £13.65

Wild Cats of the World from Amazon


Puckator MUG227 Ceramic Mug with Tiger Head Design from Amazon


Beautiful Snow Leopard Coffee/Tea Mug Christmas Stocking Filler Gift Idea from Amazon

Snow Leopard Notebook from Zazzle
Snow Leopard Notebook from Zazzle 

Panthera Jaguar Poster
Panthera Jaguar Poster from Zazzle

 Snow Leopard Card from Zazzle
Snow Leopard Card from Zazzle
Leopard Picture Print
 Leopard Picture Print from Zazzle