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  1. BuyaGift.co.uk have a range of animal experiences, covering a range of animals from alpacas to big cats, birds of prey, falconry, horses, farms, pigs, meerkats, monkeys, owls, penguins, reptiles and even zookeeping!


    2 for 1 Meet the meerkats
    Meet the Meerkats

    One of the best gifts we treated my wonderful Dad to was a meerkat encounter.  He used to chuckle everytime the advert with meerkats came on the TV so for his 80th birthday, we got him an encounter with these inquisitive animals.  The smile on his face as one of them stuck his head into Dad's jacket - well, I'll never forget it.  It will stay with me forever.

    There are big cat encounters!

    BuyaGift have a special offer on - enjoy 15% off with the code below, valid until 31 December 2021.


    15% off Exclusive code

    Ends: 31.12.2021

    What about a Bird of Prey Falconry Experience
    What about a Bird of Prey Falconry Experience?

    Go to BuyaGift.co.uk's website here
    The offer is site wide!

    Please note that the code does not apply to these gifts


  2. There’s great news from those fabulous people at Red Letter Days!

    They’ve given visitors from this website another 15% discount with an exclusive code to use – and not only that, it goes site-wide and includes anything on special offer and 2for1s!!

    They have garden experiences around the country from Surrey (that’s Kew Gardens) to North Yorkshire, and Northumberland right down to Devon.  

    RLD Campaign 1st Quarter picUse the code AHW2021RED  at check out to get your 15% off!

    Plus they have an extensive range of Short Breaks, so if you want to treat someone to a night or two away, there’s plenty to choose from.  There’s all sorts of accommodation from Shepherds Huts to Boutique Hotels, castles and country houses to treehouses!

    How about a visit to Kew Gardens?
    How about a visit to Kew Gardens?

    If you haven’t got the time for a night or two away, you could treat your loved one to a meal out or Afternoon Tea, or give them a cookery course.  

    What about a big cat experience?

    What about a big cat experience?

    There are all sorts of Arts and Crafts experiences, from photography to glass making, pottery to drawing.   Or why not have a go at feeding a Big Cat or meeting a meerkat at a wildlife park or zoo?

    A One Night National Park Stay for Two could give you a great chance to get away from it all
    A National Park Hotel Escape for Two could be a great break and gift idea

    This 15% off offer ends on 31 December 2021 – all you need to do to get it is use the code AHW2021RED

    Go browsing and shopping at Red Letter Days

    Please note this discount doesn't apply to non-discounted products

    Visit Red Letter Days here

    Please note that this code doesn't apply to non-discounted gifts.


  3. Emma Bridgewater's ranges keep expanding and there are some wonderful gift ideas for anyone who has a hobby in her Interests mugs.

    They are personalised, too, so you can add your loved one's name on them! 

    For anyone who loves arts and crafts!

    If you're buying for someone who loves crafting, baking, golf, skiing, rugby, gardening, reading, writing, fishing and biscuits (or cookies), then take a look at their mugs - they are such fun! 

    For the rugby fanatic in your life!
    For the sports fanatic in your life!

    You can just imagine someone who loves sewing making them a cup of tea or coffee and taking sips to enjoy as they indulge in their favourite hobby!   Or the sports fan taking a sip of a warm brew from their Muddy Boots mug.

    There's a mug for garden lovers, too!
    There's a mug for garden lovers, too!

    And of course, if you've got someone who loves travelling, you could look at the People and Places collection, whilst nature lovers may enjoy the most wonderful selection of mugs celebrating the beauty of our natural world.

    Anyway, head over to Emma Bridgewater to see for yourself!

  4. Virgin Experience Days have a wide range of experiences to choose from - including animal experiences (from big cats to meerkats, birds of prey to horses, and wildlife photography) and garden experiences.  

    There are short breaks, dining out, arts and crafts experiences, driving experiences, lots of online experiences giving you the chance to learn new skills and knowledge, tours, adventures and days out.

    Obviously at the moment, COVID is in all our minds, and Virgin's information about COVID is here.  


    Let's go!  Race over to Virgin Experience Days to sniff out a gift experience!

    Let's go!  Race over to Virgin Experience Days to sniff out a gift experience!

    Take a look at the experience where you can Hike with Huskies in Kent 


  5. If you are looking for a gift for a rhino lover, why not adopt a rhino or an anti-poaching dog from Helping Rhinos?

    Adopt a rhino!

    Helping Rhinos is a charity.  They LOVE rhinos, and their aim is to help the species survive at sustainable levels in their natural habitat.  It works with a few partners, mostly in Africa, who:

    • Preserve or develop new habitat for rhinos and other species
    • Protect rhinos from poaching
    • Provide information and education on the importance of the sustaining the rhino population to local communities and broader populations
    • Sustain the species via other sustainable and scalable projects

    Adopt a Northern White Rhino from Helping Rhinos

    Adopt a Northern White Rhino from Helping Rhinos
    mage © Helping Rhinos

    Adoptions are a great way to help the charity’s partner programmes continue their work caring for rhino, including baby orphans, training anti-poaching dogs and sponsoring the work of South Africa’s only all-female anti-poaching unit.   Visit Helping Rhinos’ Adoption Centre here.

    Adopt a rhino orphan
    Adopt a rhino orphan
    image © Helping Rhinos

    Help rhinos with a donation

    On Channel 4 on 26 January 2021 at 8pm, don’t miss Secret Safari – Into the Wild.

    It’s telling the stories of the animals in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in the eyes of their rangers, the very people who are working so hard to protect these animals.

    One of the organisations partnering with the Ol Pejeta Conservancy is Helping Rhinos.  You could make a donation on behalf of the rhino lover in your life either directly to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy through their website, or through their Global Giving fundraising campaign.