Save rainforest for animal & human wellbeing


We all hear a lot about rainforests & deforestation these days.  The deforestation of our rainforests is not good news for human or animal wellbeing.  Human activities are destroying more and more of the earth and planet so one of the greatest things we can each do to protect earth and ALL those species who live on the planet is to protect their habitats.

One of the main causes of why so many species are struggling is that we, the human race, are taking their homes away from them.  One of these types of homes people have been destroying and continue to cut down, is that of the rainforest.  It's time to stop the rot, and to give space back to wildlife or to protect it before it can be cut down. 

Since 1989, the World Land Trust has worked to preserve the world's most biologically important and threatened lands.  The UK based charity has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife.   And so far, the charity has helped secure more than 774,282 acres of threatened habitat in 20 countries. There are 3 examples below. 

Protecting 810 acres in Kenya for animals such as these beautiful owls
©Per Holman
Protecting 810 acres in Kenya for animals such as these beautiful owls

So sponsoring half an acre or more of rainforest and other wildlife habitats is a really worthwhile & special present - a gift that is meaningful, and that lasts. It protects the homes of millions of animals;  it helps them connect with one another and find a mate;  it gives them the space they need to survive and thrive. 

In Ecuador, protecting the Blue-throated Hillstar’s habitat f
In Ecuador, protecting the Blue-throated Hillstar’s habitat from mining
©Dusan Brinkhuizen


The Jungle for Jaguars Appeal for jaguars and other wildlife in Belize
©World Land Trust
The Jungle for Jaguars Appeal for jaguars and other wildlife in Belize
 - it protected 8,154 acres. 
A further 8,818 acres were funded by donations in a later appeal. 

The cost per acre varies, so costs mentioned here are a guideline.   But where land is more expensive, the Trust has funded smaller vital land purchases.  These are strategic buys, because they create wildlife corridors.  Wildlife need corridors to pass through from one area to another - a bit like their own motorway system, if you like, taking them from one area to another.   This is really important because it improves the chance of survival - animals can find a mate elsewhere from another area.   Projects like this also lessen human-wildlife conflict so they are helpful to people, too. 

To give someone a lasting, meaningful gift which will help animals & people, then click here to visit the World Land Trust.  A gift/donation of £25 will help save animals' habitat and will cover a quarter of an acre.  £50 will cover half an acre, and £100 will cover one acre.

We need to cover the world with protected acres and this is one good way to do it.  I often ask people to plant a tree, make a donation or buy an acre (or part of it) as a Christmas or birthday present.  As a nature lover, it gives me a great feeling to know that somewhere in Belize, a jaguar has more space to roam and more jungle to call home.  I have a warm glow every time I think of it!

Find out more.  Donate, buy an acre or plant a tree here