Adopt an animal


Adopt an Animal 

Adopt an animal & you can help support charities who are working to help protect the animals they represent by enabling them to carry out work such as:

  • campaign on their behalf at local, national and international level
  • educating today's children on the wonders and importance of nature - creating resources for teachers to use such as the Big School Birdwatch
  • moving them from one area to another, for instance in places of conflict or pressure on land space
  • helping charities protect an area of the sea to give fish a chance to re-stock
  • Rescuing  sick or injured animals 
What do you get when you adopt an animal?

Usually, you adopt an animal for a year - but this depends on the adoption scheme.  Some last for 6 months. As a GENERAL rule, adoptions may or may not include...

  • An Adoption Certificate
  • Newsletters or magazines, three or four times a year
  • Updates on your animal
  • Information about your animal, the challenges he or she faces
  • A cuddly toy, t-shirt or similar

Adopt a hedgehog from the Wildlife Trusts for £20 and support their work to try to find out why hedgehogs are declining.  

Adopt an otter from £3 a month and help the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trusts give a hand to otters trying to return to a network of waterways.

Adopt a shark. My other half was absolutely thrilled with the present I got him for his birthday of a shark. It just cost £20 and you can adopt a white shark, a whale shark or a basking shark. 

Adopt a hippo from the Turgwe Hippo Trust for £35 for a year.  There are a number of hippos to choose from and your adoption will help the Trust continue its vital work to help hippos.  Click here to adopt a hippo.

Adopt a bird from the Wetlands & Wildfowl Trust, and help them continue with vital wetland habitat conservation work. There are ducks, swans, flamingoes & geese to choose from. From £3 a month.

Adopt a penguin from Falklands Conservation for a year for £25. All the penguins available for adoption are of the wild King Penguins on East Falkland in the Falkland Islands

 Adopt a Panda
Adopt a Panda
through Into the Blue

 Adopt a donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary

Adopt a Donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary for just 7p a day.  Choose from one of the many adorable personalities and join the adoption family. Your money will guarantee their future with the Sanctuary along with the health and welfare of other donkeys and mules in need.

Adopt a dolphin from Whale and Dolphin Conservation and help dolphins all over the world in doing so

Adopt a cheetah and help to protect the speedy animals that the Cheetah Conservation Fund works for throughout Africa. From £25.

Adopt a horse from the World Horse Welfare (formerly the International League for the Protection of Horses) for £60. Several of their horses are undergoing rehabilitation and it costs money to help them get better

Adopt a seal  from a Wildlife Trust from £15.00

Adopt a giraffe from the Bornfree Foundation - take a look to find out how fast giraffes can run.

Foster an elephant orphan from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for a minimum of $50. All done on-line to save costs all round. So far, at least 60 orphans have been saved.

Foster a koala bear from Edinburgh Zoo from £40.00



Adopt an Animal
Adopt an Animal 
from Virgin Experience Days

Adopt a lion from the Born Free Foundation for just £24 a year. Sinbad was rescued froma Romanian zoo.

Adopt a polar bear.   Support Polar Bears International and make a difference to their future survival for just £17.00

Adopt a hen! Lovely gifts from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust, just £24.00 for adults and £20.00 for children.


Adopt a gorilla from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund from $13


Adopt an owl from the World Owl Trust in Cumbria, UK, from £30 - a real present with a different. There are Keeper for the Day gifts too!  


Please note: all prices were correct at the time of going on the web, but if you find a different price quoted above, let me know. Thanks. Also, these links will take you through to various charities, and your adoptions/sponsorships etc are made under their terms & conditions, privacy policies, delivery terms etc. Most adoptions are for a year - please check.