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Are you looking for a gift for a bear lover, and for something which would be meaningful?

Well, how about sponsoring a bear?

Sponsor a bear or be a bear carer with Free the Bears, and you can help rescued bears in Vietnam, Leos and Cambodia and help ensure they have all the bear necessities a bear needs!  How can this be?

It all started with a television programme...

25 years ago, a rather amazing woman from Australia, called Dr Mary Hutton, saw a television programme which had terrible footage of moon bears (Asiatic Black bears) held in tiny cages, unable to move, with dirty catheters inserted into their gall bladder to “milk” their bile. Thousands of bears were being held throughout Asia in conditions like this, and they were frequently “milked” for their bile to be used in traditional medicines.

Dr Mary Hutton decided she had to do something about it.  So she did.

The very next day, she drew up a petition and stood at the entrance to the shopping mall, gathering signatures to help “Free the Bears”. She got thousands, and also a group of like-minded people who wanted to help the bears as well.  In 1995, Free the Bears Fund was registered as a not-for-profit charity in Australia. Charity No: A1004507U).  Today, it is registered in the UK as well,

The determined Dr Hutton got to work, raising awareness about the plight of Asia’s bears – and word spread.  Requests for help arrived.  She rescued a pair of sun bears in Cambodia and knowing more bears needed help, she began to build the Cambodian Bear Sanctuary.

Crucially, the sanctuary has also educated hundreds of thousands of Cambodians about the threats wild bears face, too.

Be a bear carer or sponsor a bear

and help these rescued bears

25 years later and Free the Bears is freeing bears!

Roll the clock forward to 2020, and Free the Bears are looking at an incredible 25 years’ history, with sanctuaries now in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.  They have worked with Wildlife SOS and International Animal Rescue in the challenge to free India’s dancing bears.

Today, there are over 230 bears in Free the Bears’s Sanctuaries and they urgently need your help as the coronavirus has halted many of the fundraising activities.  Dr Mary Hutton (now in her 80s) and a group of supporters spent #ANightinacage on 9 May 2020 to raise urgent funds and this will take them through to the end of June 2020.

They have done wonderful work with the bears so you can help and give a meaningful gift to the bear lover in your life by sponsoring a bear or becoming a bear carer.      Help FreetheBears look after the bears in their care – and rescue more bears!


Be a bear carer or sponsor a bear

and help these rescued bears

 Visit Free the Bears' website here