Anniversary Gifts - why not send a tree?


Wedding anniversary gifts - what do you give people who have been married for a long time?

Part of the difficulty with anniversary gifts is that many people already have everything they want already - so what do you give them?  Flowers are one option but they don't last long.  So how about sending a rose bush or a tree for their garden? have gift ideas for gardens for many different anniversaries, from the 1st Anniversary to the 60th Diamond Anniversary!   They've got anniversary gifts for the first year, 15th,  20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 45th, 50th, 60th and 70th anniversaries plus they also have a To My Husband gift and a To My Wife gift, as well as a gift for any year.  Take a look at their anniversary rose bush gifts here.

Golden 50th Anniversary Rose Gift This beautiful Golden 50th Anniversary Rose Gift is a wonderful yellow and will add lots of colour to a garden.  The buds start flourishing in early spring and then summer brings a splash of colour and light fragrance.   Find out more here
This Happy Anniversary Rose Bush comes into life in spring with lush, green leaves, shoots and buds.   Salmon-pink flowers will grow and gradually turn dark pink with a gold centre!   These will bloom during the summer and their sweet perfume is perfect for bees, butterflies and birds!   Find out more here This is a Happy Anniversary Rose Bush 
This is for a Coral Anniversary - a rose bush to celebrate 35 years! 

This is for a Coral Anniversary - a rose bush to celebrate 35 years! 

The blooms have a delicate scent and you can enjoy them on the patio or in the garden!  It flowers all summer long so is just the thing for birds, butterflies and bees.   Find out more here  

This is the Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary Rose Gift, showing showcase the purity of marriage and the joy and love that has come over the years.  (On my parents' 25th anniversary we had a party at home and it was 102 degrees in the shade.  It was so hot that the vicar, a family friend, took his shoes and socks off and stuck his feet in the pond.)   It's got a lovely fragrance and, weather permitting, you can expect blooms from June to September.  Find out more here.   Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary Rose Gift

I have used several times for gifts and I am always really pleased with the service and the gifts!  They have both been great!

Click here to see's anniversary gifts and give your loved ones something to enjoy in their gardens!