Adopt a Snow Leopard


If you want a great gift for someone who loves snow leopards, why not adopt a snow leopard for them and help support vital conservation work to protect snow leopards in the wild?

Snow leopards are found in the remote mountains of central Asia – they are in 12 countries there. Most of their habitat is in China.

Snow leopards are at risk because of human encroachment on their habitat for mining and agricultural development.  They are endangered – they are killed by locals to protect their flocks, whilst their fur and body parts are sold to the fur and traditional Chinese medicine trades. 

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 Adopt a snow leopard from the DSWF Adopt a snow leopard from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF)

Adopt a Snow Leopard from £3 a month and help DSWF continue its vital work to help snow leopards by funding education and livelihood programmes in local communities and research projects protecting snow leopards in their wild habitats.

Adopt a Snow Leopard, here

 Adopt a Snow Leopard from the Snow Leopard Trust

Adopt a Snow Leopard from the Snow Leopard Trust

This is one of my favourite charities!  The US based Snow Leopard Trust works to better understand snow leopards and to protect them in partnership with local communities, working in 5 countries in Central Asia which have 75% of the world’s population of wild snow leopards. It zones into the problems locals face living with snow leopards and comes up with innovative solutions to tackle them.  Crucially, it partners with Kyrgyz government to better train and recognise law enforcement officials, protect area rangers and locals in their fight against poachers.  Find out more about its work to protect snow leopards here

You can adopt a snow leopard, a snow leopard cub or a snow leopard family by instant adoption, from $25.00.  Find out more here

 Adopt a Snow Leopard with the PTES

Adopt a Snow Leopard with the PTES

Leap into action and adopt a snow leopard with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) for £20.

Your adoption will help PTES create new patrol zones so that snow leopards can roam free. PTES is working to prevent mining in special snow leopard zones, which are owned and patrolled by local communities so that snow leopards and humans can co-exist harmoniously.  

Find out more about the snow leopard project here   and adopt a snow leopard here