"I did that!" Gift Experiences



Give them the “I did that!” feeling!

There’s nothing like trying something new and coming up with an “I did that!” feeling!  Sometimes it can give people quite a surprise, to find that they are able to do something they didn’t know they could.


It's the chance to try something new....

Experiences give people the chance to have a go at something new, to try their hand – perhaps to discover a new hobby or interest they can try again. 

There maybe something they dabbled in during lockdown and now would welcome the chance to try it with an instructor or experienced practitioner. 

“I did that” could signal someone to take up a hobby or interest with more seriousness.   It can signpost them to ways to develop their interest, to raise their skill level – and to have something to show family and friends!

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It could even lead to a new career, or the chance to set up a business, to meet new people or to find a new way to keep fit. Whilst some of these experiences are one-offs, others could give the recipient something they could continue at home afterwards.

What are they interested in?  How far can you push them?

There are different types of “I did that!” experiences you can give them, depending on how adventurous they are.   Some people would LOVE the chance to go in a hot air balloon, or wing walk, go bungee jumping, or to climb up the 02 in London.

For the adventurous, how about Up at The O2 Climb for Two
For the adventurous, how about Up at The O2 Climb for Two?

Or perhaps the “I did that!” is calling for an arts and crats experience;  trying your hand at a potter’s wheel, going on a wand making experience, doing a fused glass art class, making soap, sculpturing a Highland cow, making beauty products, designing your own perfume, improving your photography skills…. The list is endless!

You could enjoy a creative hands-on workshop and make a Highland Cow sculpture
You could enjoy a creative hands-on workshop and make a Highland Cow sculpture


Have they always had a dream they want to fulfil?

Maybe they’ve always wanted to feed a big cat, or be a big cat ranger for a day, or feed a penguin or meet a meerkat.  They could see what it’s like to fly a bird of prey to their hand, or tickle a tapir, or go for a walk with an alpaca. 


Give them a new lease of life with an experience

Gifts like these can open up a new world to your loved one, not least because they can show them that there is another world for them to explore out there, perhaps to refresh their outlook – and after lockdown that could be just what a lot of us need!

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