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Harry Potter Bears from Hamleys - just adorable!

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Calling all Harry Potter fans who also love teddy bears!

Hamleys is world famous for its wonderful toy store on London's Regent Street, but if you can't get there, worry not - they have a new website with tons of toys to choose and buy online!

Amongst these toys are a fabulous collection of soft toys - and of course teddy bears - I do love a teddy bear!  

And if you're looking for a Harry Potter fan who also loves teddy bears, well, the great news is that Hamleys have four absolutely adorable Harry Potter Bears!  And needless to say, they are all attired in beautifully crafted scarves with the embroidered Hogwarts house crests.

So introducing the Hamleys' Harry Potter Bears:

This is Hamleys Harry Potter Gryffindor Bear

Introducing Hamleys Harry Potter Gryffindor Bear

This is  Hamleys Harry Potter Slytherin Bear

This is Hamleys Harry Potter Slytherin Bear

This is Hamleys Harry Potter Hufflepuff Bear

This is Hamleys Harry Potter Hufflepuff Bear

and this is Hamleys Harry Potter Ravenclaw Bear

This is Hamleys Harry Potter Ravenclaw Bear

The bears are all £30.00 each - and 20 cm high - and surely the hardest bit will be deciding which bear to choose!  I think they would make for great touches around the house, too!

See all the Hamleys Harry Potter Bears here.

By the way, Hamleys have a couple of special offers on at the moment:

Use the code NEW10 and get 10% off over £40 - now, this can't be used in conjunction with any other code.  And the discount off full priced items only.  The code ends on 31st December 2023

The code CART5 will give you 5% off all toys - it can't be used in conjunction with any other code and also ends on 31 December 2023


Visit Hamleys website here - they have LOTS of discounts on at the moment!