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The Rhino is one of oldest species on the planet, and there are five species:  the black and white rhino are African animals and live now in mostly four African countries.  The Sumatran Rhino, the Javan Rhino and the Greater One Horned Rhino are all Asian and now only live in five countries.

Adopt a rhino from Helping Rhinos Adopt a rhino from Helping Rhinos
Helping Rhinos is a charity whose aim is to help the species survive at sustainable levels in their natural habitat.  You can help by adopting a rhino, or adopting a rhino orphan or an anti-poaching dog, or sponsoring a black mamba.  Find out more at the Helping Rhinos' Adoption Centre. 

You could also buy them a gift from Helping Rhinos' online shop which has eco-friendly sustainable clothing, greeting cards and e-cards, art work, soft toys, books and more!
Give a Save the Rhino Membership

Give a Save the Rhino Membership

Give a membership to the charity Save the Rhino!  There are 5 different types of membership, from Individual to Joint, Ambassador and Electronic and Family.   Prices start at £2.50 a month.  The charity is working to stop poaching and habitat loss. With Save the Rhino’s knowledge, and your donations, the charity can get funds to where they are needed most.  Find out more

Rhino Encounter at Knowsley Safari Park

Rhino Encounter at Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside. 
£149.00 (Use the code AHW2024RLD  to get 10% off with Red Letter Days.  Valid until 31 December 2024 and it's site wide, although some products are excluded. 

For only £149, you can meet the rhino specialists and drive out to the rhino section to meet the white rhino crash.  Get close up to one of the largest land mammals on earth.  Take part in the rhino patrol with the team - they will try to get you as involved as possible!  The gift includes entry to the safari park and a 10% discount on an annual membership to Knowsley Safari Park. Available from Red Letter Days

The Last Rhino by Lawrence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony's South African game reserve is home to many animals he has saved, including elephants and a bushbaby.  Anthony has been described as "The Indiana Jones of Conservation":  he led an armed response against poachers who slaughtered one of his rhinos for her horn.  Learning there were just a few northern white rhinos left in the wild in an area where they would soon be hunted to extinction, Lawrence took action. He went into the jungle to negotiate with the rebels.  At the same time, he was trying to save his own animals from a dreadful drought and save the sight of his own elephant matriarch, Nana.  £8.19 in paperback. Available from Amazon

Remembering Rhinos

Remembering Rhinos
Sixty-five of the world's best wildlife photographers, including a number of winners from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, have donated original imagery to the most beautiful book about rhinos. The book covers rhino life from birth to death and it also covers all 5 species.  There are just 4,000 copies of this first edition, with some of the proceeds going to the Born Free Foundation to help fight poaching.  £45.00.  Available from the Natural History Museum Shop

Saving the Last Rhinos: The Life of a Frontline Conservationist
Over the last nine years, over 6,100 rhinoceroses have been killed by poachers in South Africa.  This has left fewer than than 19,000 white rhinoceroses and 2,000 black rhinoceroses in the country. Saving the Last Rhinos tells the remarkable story of conservationist Grant Fowlds.  £6.61 in paperback. Available from Amazon

Rhino Encounter at Chester Zoo

Rhino Encounter at Chester Zoo

Get close up and personal with a greater one-horned rhino at Chester Zoo!  Meet and feed a rhino from an exclusive feeding station - you'll be able to discover all about these stunning animals and ask the keeper any questions you have. All for £99.00.  Visit Chester Zoo's website

You can also adopt a rhino from Chester Zoo too!

Exclusive Black Rhino Experience with Entry Ticket to Paignton Zoo


Exclusive Black Rhino Experience with Entry Ticket to Paignton Zoo

When you arrive at Paignton Zoo, you'll be directed off to the Zoo's Rhino House for your truly exclusive encounter with the rhinos.  This is a great chance to find out this critically endangered species as the keepers tell you all about them so it's a great chance to ask any questions you've got about them.  Then you'll get to feed these incredibly rare animals!  Explore the rest of the zoo afterwards - there are lots of animals there to see!  This is available from Virgin Experience Days for £79.00 (or you can have an experience for two for £120.)

 This Rhino Calendar 2024 is available from the Calendar Club

This Rhino Calendar 2024 is available from the Calendar Club and gives the rhino lover in your life the chance to enjoy some stunning photos of rhinos throughout the year.  Find out more here.