Robin Gifts

The cheery robin with its red-breast is one of our best known birds.   The robin is easily identifiable, which helps its popularity.  A gift for a nature or bird lover to brighten up any home.  And the good news is that there are plenty of robin gifts about, so here are just a few gift ideas for robin lovers from the RSPB Shop!   Help nature while you shop for gifts!
Padraig Robin doorstop 

The original postmen were called robins becuase of their red jackets.  This beautiful Padraig Robin doorstop is a very colourful gift to add to a home, with the red breast and hat.   I can just imagine this robin welcoming people in to a social occasion!  He looks so smart, and he's made of top quality fabric.  He's 26 cm tall.

You can get him from the RSPB Shop for £29.99.    I think this doorstop would make a fun addition to the home, especially around Christmas!   

Fly off to the RSPB Shop here. 

How about a bird feeder? How about a bird feeder? Garden Wildlife Direct have a number of products for robins, including this Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Pearl Feeder for £12,99,   You can hang it from a branch or a hook,  and you can raise and lower it too.  The base has holes in so that water can drain out of it.  Find out more from Garden Wildlife Direct. 
 Robin mug and tea tray Here's a very pretty robin mug and tea tray, ideal for serving mugs, cups and/or snacks.   The robin mug is made in the UK from delicate, bone china.  It's gift boxed, dishwasher and microwave safe.  I love the colours - this would be great for tucking into a mug of tea and mince pies, or Christmas shortbread.    All for £12.99 from the RSPB Shop
 RSPB Spotlight series: Robins  

RSPB Spotlight series: Robins

Marianne Taylor gives an account of the robins' life cycle, behaviour and breeding, what they eat and how they hold their territories.   The book has eye-catching colour photography and informative expert text - it could be a great gift for anyone who wants to discover more about robins.

£9.99 from the RSPB Shop