Adopt a Giant Panda


The best scientific estimates is that there are about 2,200 pandas left in the world.  This is not many;  so the question is:  Can you adopt a giant panda, and help panda conservation? 

The answer is: yes, you can!

If you're looking for a panda gift to give a panda lover, you can adopt a panda for them and help conservation efforts.   There are two ways to do this:

You can adopt a panda directly from the US charity Pandas International.   In 1999, after a trip to China and the Wolong Panda Center, Suzanne Braden and Diane Rees were so moved by what they saw that when they returned home to the US, they co-founded Pandas International to help save this magnificent animal.   Now Mrs Braden co-ordinates the annual and immediate needs of the Panda Centers.  These are managed by the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda. 

In 2008, you may remember that there was a terrible earthquake in the Sichuan province.  It destroyed the Wolong Panda Centre and damaged the bamboo forest in the reserve, so it's even more important than ever to help the Giant Panda survive and thrive. Pandas in the wild also have to contend with logging - deforetation and the development of towns and cities mean that bamboo is constantly being eroded. 

Adopt a panda from Pandas International
Adopt a panda from Pandas International


Back in 2002, the Bifengxia Panda Centre opened. It's just outside Ya'an city in the Sichuan province of central China and it has nearly 1000 acres of land purely dedicated to pandas.

The main aims of this project are:

  • habitat reconstruction
  • veterinary care
  • a captive breeding programme
  • research into nutrition and behaviour
  • a project to re-introduce adopted pandas into the wild.

A contribution from each adoption gift box is given to this project.  It could be used to fund anything from buildling panda 'corridors' so that they cn roam from one area to another, formula to feed baby pandas, toys to keep them amused, help towards healthcare costs of poorly pandas or even incubators.  The very tiny baby pandas spend some time in incubators and need special milk and incredibly close care.  So, wherever your donation goes, you can feel warm glowing inside knowing that you've helped!

Pandas International is a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organisation based in Colorado in the US.