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Easter treats for the most important member(s) of the family!

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Dogs are very important members of the family.   They are always there to meet you with a waggy tail when you come home, they listen to what you're saying without interrupting or passing judgement and they provide cheer and unconditional love.  

So it's nice to give them a treat - and treats can be very useful tools for training, inside the house or outside it in the open.  

While we're all tucking in to chocolate goodies over Easter, what can we give our dogs?  Dogs should not eat the chocolate we do - it's dangerous for them.   But the good news is that there are plenty of treats for dogs around, including these from Pooch and Mutt.

As well as dog food (and cat food), they've got treats for your dog (and cat).  Dog owners can also find supplements, dental sticks and chews, poo bags and accessories.   And they've got Easter treats for dogs too so you can give these to your cherished family members !

Give your dog some training with these Easter treats!

They are packed with Lamb, Chicken and vibrant Spirng Greens to restore vital nutrients and support immunity.  And they've got no added artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, grain, cereal, gluten, beef, soy, dairy and GM produce.  They include Probiotics as well, contributing to a healthy gut flora and support hte immune system.   

You can create an Easter trail for your dog with these Dog Easter Treats from Pooch and Mutt
You can create an Easter trail for your dog with these
 Dog Easter Treats from Pooch and Mutt for £3.99. 

You can do all sorts of things with these treats, such as laying a trail to keep your dog busy, using them for training treats and just for saying "I love you!".  

Head off to Pooch and Mutt to find out more about these Easter treats for your dog.